Hrhov - The Hrhow Waterfall

The highest waterfall of the Slovak Karst can be found directly among the houses. It provides a unique spectacle at a piece of artwork that was not created by nature, but man. The water flows through a travertine rock outcrop from where the locals mined stone for house-building in the past. The soft and porous limestone was easy to shape with a saw. According to recollections of the locals an abundance of fossils (mostly leaves) were found during the quarrying process and it is not impossible to find them even nowadays. Next to the waterfall is a geological outcrop.
The waterfall is 14 metres high. It can be easily located provided one follows the indications. The stream had a practical use in the past. There were once three mills in Hrhov.

GPS: 48° 36′ 26.3″N  20° 44′ 55.7″E

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