Plešivec - The Serényi reservoir

This architectural masterpiece, unique in all Slovakia, is located on the Plešivecká Plateau. The Serényi reservoir is a concrete structure 16 meters in diameter, 4 meters deep with 960 thousand liters of water capacity. It was constructed on a soil depression in the shape of a funnel. It was not a typical karst sinkhole, rather than a former disappearing or possible future one, but its size and position fit the bill perfectly. It was built on a slope which enabled rainfall accumulation to a single point. Most of the structure is in the ground and it is capable of accumulating rainfall from an area of 290 hectares. The structure materialized in 1913 thanks to Béla Serényi, the Austro-Hungarian Minister of Agriculture at the time. The architectural project was designed by the royal industrial counselor Károly Rozsnai.

GPS: 48° 37′ 20.″N  20° 25′ 4.8″E

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