CBC01023 ANTIC - Advanced networking through International Co-operation

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Project grant: 563.656,--EUR

Total eligible expenditure of the project: 626.286,--EUR
Project contract can be found here:

Idea of the project: The recent cross border cooperation projects with Ukraine contributed to the improvement of various areas of economic and social life of the inhabitants. On the other side the information flow which could convince larger number of tourists and visitors to cross the border is still weak and insufficient. This is due to the missing sustainable networks, contacts and reliable working conditions among various stakeholders of  cross border countries.   The project based activities often raise and fall with the project life.   Besides the dissemination of cross border project outputs the flow of information on economic, social, cultural life in the counterpart  The project aims to establish reliable information  door, gate or “portal”  (implemented in three pillars) that will flow various information of economic, social, cultural life to cross border  partner country in systematic and sustainable way.  The project  information “portal” can operate an user friendly interactive (multi lingual) webpage that can provide newsletter, articles, electronic news media and video clips on cross border projects (past, running, future). Besides that, the project would develop radio and TV short shots, broadcasted in media stations and as downloadable files through the portal as well on current life in neighborhood country. The project can also channel cultural information based on stories  (photographs, literature, art). As this is the most efficient tool for tourism product marketing (spread through person to person relations), the project has a tourism promotion potential too. The project builds on former cross border development projects and could establish lasting partnership and information network among various stakeholders that did not participated before in cross border development.  The project will focus on internal and cross border cooperation equally and will test the best proposed solutions before the project termination, thus greatly enhancing the sustainability of the projects results.    
Proposed activities:  
The project is based on 3 “information flow” areas  (pillars): 
1)    Information on development possibilities and cross border projects 
2)    Information on cultural events, life, attractions and offers spread by media
3)    Information on touristic offer based on storytelling and shared historical heritage using QR codes
These three areas mutually complement each other and provide unique opportunity for visitors and  beneficiaries. 
Project Pillar  :   The Project Pillar will analyze, introduce and disseminate the past and current cross border projects adding an mass media insight into their areas and achievements.  This will either provide additional (needed) visibility for project outputs and products and focus attention of the potential consumers and increase their sustainability as well.  Besides that the Project Pillar will provide tools for future projects :  “partner search tool” and “product, service or opportunity offering system/engine”.  All partners (including Norwegian ones) will have access and possibility to use and operate the tools. 

Media Pillar:    The Media Pillar will  provide two tools :  Electronic (3 lingual) newspaper that will inform the registered users (subscriptors)  on cultural life, attraction, tourist trails, events and life of 3 countries.  The  project partners will set up efficient system for article and image generation, processing and delivery to properly operate the e-newsletter publication.   The second tool will be a tool which will provide access to recorded and broadcasted audio and video  (TV and radio) files produced during the project life.  It will be connected to the Project Pillar to provide access to audiovisual outputs generated by past and current cross border projects. The on-line TV and radio based broadcasting terms (dates) will be highlighted and included in the e-newsletter pages as well.  A scenario, theme and content will be set up for every media (radio and TV clips and movies.) Two cross border short movbies (based on common heritage and legends will be prepared and broadcasted). . 
Rural /Urban Tourism Pillar:   The rural tourism pillar will be based on existing best practices of the 3 partner countries in “storytelling practices 

, child kingdoms and family tourism packages.  The project partners will collect all valuable practices, initiatives available in partner countries.  The best transferrable ones will be introduced, explained and exchanged.  A system of information provision will be developed in 3 selected rural / urban tourism areas that will provide audio information on stories connected to the area/location.  The audio files (accessible through QR codes) will be situated in the project portal (in several languages as downloadable mp3 files).  Then a system of exchange and shared  product marketing will be developed.  Study tours, event visits will be organized for family tourism operators.   “ Carpathian and Northern Stories” based on shared historical events and legends, cultural heritage and craftsmenship will be produced and published.    

A)  Analytical phase
1.    Needs Assessment of various stakeholders interested in cross border cooperation (SMEs, cultural institutions, tourism service providers, cultural operators, using Scandinavian experience from Russian/Norwegian cooperation.   Output :   List of information needs of various stakeholders .   Directory and list of  organisations interested in cross border cooperation. 
2.    Assessment of cross border projects (past, running, future). Identification of publicity needs and communication opportunities for those projects. Development of reliable partner search on-line program.  
3.    Identification of basic communication  areas (business – tourism, culture and art and civil society)  and available tools : portal (newsletter and video parts), radio and TV broadcasts, newsletters. 
B)  Development phase
1.    Identification and agreements with pilot – test local partners.  Establishment of  information supply chain and processing bodies including information data flow assessment model.  
2.    Construction of webpage / portal that will enable : 
             Promote, support and publicize cross border projects  (past-current-future)
             Broadcast video/audio files about projects
             Disseminate project products / downloadable information 
             Subscribe and read newsletters on realia / events of partner countries 
             Search for partners 
             Read and produce “stories”  
             Access the “regional children,s kingdoms in 3 countries
3.    Development of region marketing tools “ Carpathian and Northern Stories” based on shared historical events and legends, cultural 
            heritage and craftsmenship.    
C)   Implementation Phase 
1.    Pilot testing of the portal /exchange of information, assessment of user satisfaction), data flow assessment 
2.    Dissemination and transfer of best practices – kingdoms for children from Kristiansand and Gemer 
             Study tour to Slovakia and Norway
3.    Dissemination of achievements – 2 cross conferences / workshops  spreading the knowledge, experience and results.