Kečovo - Cave Domica

The all year open karst cave Domica is characterized by rich karst decorations, especially typical shields and drums, cascade lakes and numerous pagoda stalagmites. It is also significant from archeological point of view. Not only ceramic jars used by prehistoric people, but also their hand and footprints, along with various items such as arrows, ornaments made of animal teeth, comb or ring were found here. Cave drawings made with coal have been preserved on the walls and bones of a prehistoric cave bear were also found.
The cave’s other peculiarity is the underground river Styx. Following excessive rainfalls the underground river can be used for boating or rafting which is very popular among the visitors. Along with the Devil’s Hole and Baradla Cave, Cave Domica forms an underground complex approximately 25 kilometers long. Visitors can take the short tour (780 metres long) or the long one (930 metres long).

GPS: 48° 28′ 41.37″N  20° 28′ 15.066″E

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