Silica - The Silica Ice Cave

Less than two kilometres southwest of the village Silica is located one of the lowest-lying ice caves in the world with an altitude only 503 metres. Despite not being open to public it has the potential to be an attractive tourist destination due to its imposing rock portal created by the original cave’s collapsed ceiling. Its entrance, which is 12 metres high and 32 metres wide, is accessible for tourists by stairs. From this place not only the vast embracing cliff walls are observable but from time to time the glaciation of the cave as well. There is also a historical writing on the walls dedicated to Count Adam Revitzky’s visit of the cave. The Silica Ice Cave has been known for a long time. J. Buchholtza made a drawing of it in 1719 and the famous polymath Matthias Bel described it in 1744. The cave is under the highest level of protection due to its addition to UNESCO’s World Natural Heritage program in 1995.

GPS: 48° 32′ 57.475″N  20° 30′ 15.576″E

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