Bretka - The Muráň break-through Natural Trail

Bretka is located at the confluence of Muráň and Slaná rivers. The trail starts in the centre of the village and following the flow of Muráň it takes the hikers to less known but all the more astonishing places in terms of both history and landscape.
The hike is 3.2 kilometers long and the trail reaches the elevation of 66.5 metres. Visitors can acquire some new knowledge from six information boards.
The first board of the trail is located at the starting point in the village below the ruins of a former church. The church had been subjected to aerial bombardment during World War II, because of an underground military bunker in its vicinity. The ruins are still standing as a memento. The marked trail takes us after a slight climb to Peškő cliff.
The second board is situated right on the cliff. Provided the visitors are in slightly better shape and they are willing to go down the steep slope just along the cliff, they can find a cave with two openings. Following the marked path we take a turn back towards the village. We get to the river Muráň and after crossing a nearby bridge we continue up against the flow until reaching a canyon.
The third board provides information on the operation of the former mill. A dam was built on it which functioned later as a small hydroelectric power plant. The signs continue along the riverbank and after a slight climb they lead the visitors to a meadow.
The fourth board informs about the flora and fauna of the environment. Taking a left turn on the meadow leads us towards the mountain while turning right we take a path to the forest. The path is indicated as green level hiking trail and it leads back to the riverbank.
The fifth board is at the opening of the Hutnianska Cave. It informs about its origin, history and the erosive actions of the river as well. The hiking trail continues along the riverbank to a spring with drinkable water.
The sixth board is located at the crossroads of green and yellow hiking trails. While looking at the other side of the river the remnants of a former iron foundry are visible. From the last information board the path turns against the flow and goes in parallel with the green level hiking trail. Then it takes a left turn down on a steep slope and leads to a meadow. Crossing this meadow takes us back to Bretka.

GPS: 48° 29′ 43.6″N  20° 20′ 23.3″E

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