Gemerská Hôrka - The Hôrka Karst Phenomena nature trail

The Hôrka Karst Phenomena nature trail guides visitors through the southernmost point of the Slovak Karst – Hôrka which is adjacent to Koniar Plateau. The nature trail is actually closed-path, 8.8 kilometers long, beginning and ending at the same point which is the Skalná Ruža guesthouse. Ten boards provide information during the hike regarding the karst environment, including caves, fountain heads, springs, sinkholes and several limestone creations. Hikers can also get basic information about the thermophilic flora and fauna typical for this location. In the saddle of Hôrka and Koniar Plateau the nature trail crosses the green level hiking trail leading from Plešivec to Hrádok thereby connecting itself into the network of hiking trails through the Karst. It takes about two and half to three hours to complete the hike.

GPS: 48° 32′ 21.88″N  20° 22′ 58.01″E

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